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We exist to give individuals and families searching for drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment unbiased, reliable, and trustworthy choices.

We are the largest clearinghouse of information for those seeking treatment in the United States and Canada. Unlike others in the industry, we are not owned by a treatment center. We list and organize facilities both for the insured and indigent.

We believe every person who needs help should be able to get help as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Finding the right treatment for addiction should be seamless -- not confusing, complicated, or manipulative. We aspire to make the process clear, straightforward, and painless.

Ultimately, we envision a world in which the stigma of addiction is eliminated, care is ubiquitous and accessible, and the dignity of recovery is possible for anyone who aspires to it.

We strongly believe that many state-run/non-profit centers can be just as effective as luxury facilities. As part of our commitment to transparency, we ensure that all facilities have a chance to present their programs, despite size or marketing budget.


Our core values are transparency, community, gratitude, and neutrality.

Entirely self-funded, we have the luxury of not being bound and driven by the pressure-cooker-like need for profit. callers can expect empathetic, respectful, and compassionate guidance. As part of our commitment to make help as quickly and immediately available as possible, callers may be directed to local AA/NA meetings. is completely free for individuals/consumers. We only charge sponsors of our 24/7 helpline and advertisers of our homepage.

Our Story:

How do you understand recovery, if you are not in recovery?

Mission was founded in 2016 by Patrick Nagle, who has a personal stake in addiction treatment. After selling his second startup at the age of 25, his first investor and dear friend Robert O. Brown died of alcoholism. Patrick himself then quickly fell into a downward spiral led by alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

In 2010, after conducting treatment research online, he checked into a California rehab. However, information about the facility was misleading, and it was not what it had represented itself to be. Less than a year later, he checked into a second facility 40 miles from home and began the journey of recovery.

Everyone at has some connection to addiction, treatment, recovery, and sobriety. Our first year online surpassed our wildest dreams: we reached over 1 million people and now have over 50 employees worldwide. We intend to become the world’s largest and most trusted resource for information pertaining to addiction treatment.


Patrick Nagle, Founder and CEO

Patrick is a Baltimore native and 18-year startup/internet venture veteran. His businesses have reached over 500 million people worldwide, and continue to expand.

Daniel Velez, Co-Founder and COO

A co-founder of, Daniel was born and raised in Colombia, but forced to flee to Guatemala at the age of nine to escape the era of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. With a strong background in finance, team building and Big Data, Daniel is the powerhouse behind the data-packed structure of

Kyle Rice, Chief of Staff

Following graduation from the McDonogh School, Kyle at the age of 19 helped grow Rice Energy into one of the world’s most successful companies. Alcoholism temporarily derailed his career, but Kyle found hope after completing treatment in Pennsylvania. He joined the team in 2017.

Melanie Curtin, Editorial Content Officer

Melanie holds a Master’s in Communication from Stanford and has worked for several startups, including Uber. A close family member of hers is a recovering alcoholic, and she has worked extensively with trauma survivors in both somatic therapy and holistic healing. She joined the team in 2016.


We believe it is only through connection, collaboration, and love that true recovery and progress is sustainable. We therefore surround ourselves with a world-class team of leaders and advisors:

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