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Advanced Laser Therapy is a private rehab located in Guelph, Ontario. Advanced Laser Therapy specializes in the treatment of mental health, substance, drug and alcohol abuse.

Advanced Laser Therapy Focus:

Alcoholism Treatment Center

The goal of treatment for alcoholism is abstinence. Those with poor social support, poor motivation, or psychiatric disorders tend to relapse within a few years of treatment. For these people, success is measured by longer periods of abstinence, reduced use of alcohol, better health, and improved social functioning. Recovery and Maintenance are usually based on 12 step programs and AA meetings.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Center

A combined mental health and substance abuse treatment center has the staff and resources available to handle individuals with both mental health and substance abuse issues. It can be challenging to determine where a specific symptom stems from (a mental health issue or an issue related to substance abuse), so mental health and substance abuse professionals are helpful in detangling symptoms and keeping treatment on track.

What does Advanced Laser Therapy offer?

Outpatient (OP)

Outpatient programs are for those seeking mental rehab or drug rehab, but who also stay at home every night. The main difference between outpatient treatment (OP) and intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) lies in the amount of hours the patient spends at the facility. Most of the time an outpatient program is designed for someone who has completed an inpatient stay and is looking to continue their growth in recovery. Outpatient is not meant to be the starting point, it is commonly referred to as aftercare.

Treatment Types:

Individualized Treatment

Certain drug and alcohol rehab centers have standard treatment regimes they expect all patients to follow. Others offer individualized treatment, meaning they tailor treatment to a person’s specific background and needs. For example, a rehab facility may adjust a treatment program to take into account the type of drug or addiction from which the person suffers, their age, medical condition(s), religious beliefs, or lifestyle.

Therapies Offered:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is a way of getting nicotine into the bloodstream without smoking. It uses products that supply low doses of nicotine to help people stop smoking. The goal of therapy is to cut down on cravings for nicotine and ease the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Advanced Laser Therapy Highlights:

Low-level laser treatment has been used world-wide for over 40 years to treat many conditions and is completely safe and painless. Treatment for smoking cessation and appetite control has an astounding 50-85% success rate. (Depending on your commitment, of course!).Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatments are drug-free, painless, and non-invasive. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has classified cold lasers as a "non-significant risk device.""
It is a cold, soft, non-invasive laser beam, which is a beam of light at a high wavelength utilizing low energy. It non-thermally and non-invasively injects billions of photons of visible and/or invisible laser light deep into tissue structures. Tissues naturally contain light sensitive protein strands, which have the unique ability of being able to absorb laser light energy and transform it into chemical energy. The body then utilizes this new found energy to greatly accelerate the healing processes of the body, naturally, allowing the body to effect its own repairs."